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Saving the planet with swimwear? Designer creates bikini collection made from recycled plastic bottles and FISHING NETS
Nisha Abey is the driving force behind Liar the Label swimwear. The 29-year-old makes her bikinis using fish nets and recycled plastic. She said she started the business to have an impact on the environment
It’s not about making money, it’s about spreading the word,’ Ms Abey said.

Ms Abey started her Liar the Label swimwear range in 2014 as a way to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.
‘I’ve been working in fashion for nearly 10 years and I’ve always been interested in the eco side of things,’ ‘For me it’s not about making money, but getting the idea across that it’s easy to do eco-fashion.’

Her garments were locally manufactured to reduce their carbon footprint and were made out of old plastic bottles and recycled fishing nets.
‘They get recycled plastic bottles and fish nets and they break it all down into a fibre,’ Ms Abey explained.
‘The fabric stretches well, is sun-safe and is chlorine resistant.’
Ms Abey works full time as a designer for a men’s wear company and runs the label herself in her spare time.

Although being ecologically friendly was an important part of Liar swimwear, Ms Abey said she was also focused on designing bikinis people wanted to wear.
‘A lot of it is about style. People are first and foremost shopping for a design they love.
‘They love the eco stuff, but if your garment isn’t wearable in the first place, then you’re just creating more waste.’
Ms Abey said a good summer month might see her sell $5,000 worth of product.
‘We’ve been trying to change the perception of eco-fashion,’ she said.
‘We’re trying to do something a bit more cutting edge – making garments that are better quality and a bit less expensive.’

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