A new swimwear line launches: Celestial Body Swimwear

Science and space-based swimwear line Celestial Body Swimwear launches Swimwear for earth girls, space babes, and brainy beauties.

Celestial Body Swimwear focuses on space and science themed swimwear and produces mix-and-match tops and bottoms in Soyuz rocket blueprint , math equation, galaxy prints inspired by NASA spacesuits.

Actress/producer Rileah Vanderbilt with partner Jes Reaves announce the launch of their new boutique swimwear company, Celestial Body Swimwear. Inspired by a love of science space, and sci-fi, this new line of swimwear promises to deliver something unique and adventurous to the girl who looks at the world just a little bit differently. Celestial Body Swimwear believes that what you wear should not only make you feel great, but should also say something about your personality. Whether your an earth girl, space babe, or brainy beauty you’ll look amazing in Celestial Body Swimwear’s out of this world designs and prints.

Learn more about Celestial Body Swimwear
Site: Celestialbodyswimwear.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/celestialbodyswimwear/
Twitter: Twitter.com/celestialswim
Instagram: Instagram.com/celestialbodyswimwear

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